VAT Representation Services

VAT Representation Services

Guberman Group provides Value Added Tax (VAT) representation services to leading global organizations operating in Israel. We provide this assistance as part of our international corporate package, or as a stand-alone service, under certain conditions.  

What is VAT in Israel?

Like in most countries, Israeli authorities charge VAT for any transaction transpiring in the country. VAT is also applicable to trade imports and services rendered by buyers, companies, or individuals. As of 2020, the VAT rate is 17%, payable once a month or once a couple of months, depending on the company's income.

VAT authorities require that at least one of a company’s directors is an Israeli citizen. If none of the directors is Israeli, the company must appoint a VAT representative. Israeli laws require that all companies including multinational organizations operating in Israel appoint an Israeli citizen as their official representative to the VAT authorities. This individual/VAT representative is required to ensure that the company’s local operations are registered officially with Israeli tax branches/tax authorities.

Why Israeli VAT Services are Significant and Sensitive

This is an extremely significant and important position because the VAT representative must be willing to take personal risks, responsibility, and liability for all aspects regarding VAT authorities—similar to those of the directors themselves. Failure to comply properly with VAT regulations can cause authorities to take criminal actions against the VAT representative.

As Israeli tax authorities necessitate multinational enterprises to assign VAT representatives to properly manage and process fiscal and local regulation issues, customers seek experts such as Guberman. Experienced and knowledgeable staff such as Guberman Group members are well-versed in VAT laws, practices, and exceptions. In addition, our VAT representatives are aware of the fiscal and legal responsibilities inherent in this crucial role and apply the highest degree of integrity and diplomacy required.

VAT representation service customers benefit from:

  • Official representation recognized by Israeli tax authorities
  • Qualified and experienced personnel who provide high quality service
  • Savvy in cross-cultural and cross-border communication
  • Full confidentiality of customer data
  • Legal liability and personal responsibility
  • Expertise in opening VAT accounts
  • Responsible ownership of all VAT processes, reports,  and audits
  • Honesty and transparency

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