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Guberman Private provides advanced accounting services for the self-employed and controlling shareholders. The department combines Guberman's unique knowledge, experience and work methods, enabling our independent clients to enjoy a level of service and professionalism that is suited to leading companies in Israel and abroad. Private customers enjoy service with real value, a sense of security and real-time consultations – not retroactive.

Accounting and reporting for the self-employed

Independent business owners are required to perform current accounting and submit annual individual reports to the tax authorities. Although the law does not require that an accountant prepare the annual report, it is highly recommended that it be done by a professional with experience and knowledge, like those in the Guberman Stefan accounting firm. They will assist the taxpayer to prepare the report in order to ensure that there are no errors, that all the possible benefits have been taken into account and that the taxpayer has not been caused undue exposure. The firm's accountants provide clients with this assistance and advise them on tax issues that arise from business operations throughout the year. In addition, a team of accountants and tax consultants can provide ongoing bookkeeping services and prepare monthly reports for the tax authorities (if the client chooses to outsource the accounting).

Individual reports for controlling shareholders

Controlling shareholders that hold more than 10% of a company's shares are obligated by tax law to submit individual reports. Many are not aware of this requirement or do not take care to comply with it, thus exposing themselves to the risk of future sanctions by the tax authorities. Our services target these shareholders, offering premium services for preparing individual reports for select customers. Premium services are tailored to the special need of this group, reflected in special orientation for the client's specific business environment, handling of special tax issues, personal assistance for obtaining relevant documents and approvals, tax simulations, follow-up and support after submission of the report up until assessment, ongoing advice to the client in all matters of personal taxation, and a first-rate relationship for a select customer.

Among our services:

  • Bookkeeping for the self-employed
  • Annual Reports
  • ​First net worth declaration
  • Subsequent net worth declarations
  • Opening files with the tax authorities
  • Change file status for a controlling shareholder
  • Change of income tax file status for a taxable salaried employee
  • Institutional tax (income tax, VAT, National Insurance)
  • Closing files with the tax authorities
  • Cancellation and/or reduction of financial sanctions and fines due to late filing of tax returns
  • Representation and assistance in front of the tax authorities
  • Bookkeeping for exempt businesses